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I am so glad you found this little gem in the vast universe of the internet.

What is Level 5, Lip Gloss & Leadership all about?  I’m so glad you asked!  Level 5 is a nod to turning the big   5-OH, or as an associate of mine says “achieving Level 5 sounds so much cooler!”  So, Level 5 it is.

Level 5 also refers to a style of leadership.  If you haven’t read From Good to Great by Jim Collins, please Google it.  In his work, he analyzed many companies to determine their “recipe” for success and he refers to Level 5 leaders as the pinnacle to strive towards.  This fits well with the spirit of this blog, covering our life role as mentors, leaders & businesswomen.  This blog will be infused with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I am addicted to business!  Its just in my genetic code.  I LOVE spending time with driven, empowering, and creative entrepreneurial women.  They enrich my life and my soul and I am a better version of myself when I am with a Tribe of like-minded women.

While I may share parts of my life here, this is not about me.  This is a blog about the fabulous women I have come to know– their life, their journey, their story.  As often as possible, I will have them tell their story in their own words.  How could I possibly alter or improve on their very personal journey?  I won’t even try!

This is a platform for you, the women who inspire you, and the very ordinary heroes walking amongst us.  Aren’t they amazing?  Yes!  Yes, they are.  

About Tammy Gray ~~

My career of the past thirty years has been in corporate banking as a business & mortgage lender and insurance /finance professional.  Licensed in mortgage and insurance since 1988.  This taught me so much about working with and inspiring others to achieve more in their life and in their business.  I now use those talents helping other women to benefit from a rewarding social & business network while learning to focus their energy and refine their goals through coaching and mentoring. 

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