Lipgloss & Leadership Business Summit 2018: Winona Benson

The Colors of Transformation

Winona Benson, Nutrition Educator and Health Coach.  Winona has been working in the field of health and nutrition for nearly a decade.  She has earned certifications in Plant Based Nutrition, Cooking, Exercise, and Nutrition Education. Taking proactive steps through analysis, research, learning, and practical steps, Winona has transformed her own health and has a passion for helping others to do the same. Using her skills, she has taught people from school age to seniors. Teaching ways to incorporate healthy foods, affordable cooking, and general nutrition, she has helped to empower people to make changes in their daily routines.   With a love for energized living, wholesome foods, and the pursuit of balance and harmony, her health coaching practice helps others to make small changes in health and lifestyle that last a lifetime!

The Colors of Transformation – We all know that food that can be healing, and sometimes even harmful, but did you know that the colors that plants provide can be a beautiful road map to vibrant health?  Join Winona Benson, as she takes you through an adventure of color, tastes, and organic nutrients that will transform the way you look at your food and lead you on a journey toward wellness.

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