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A Mother’s Meditations: Teachings of the Heart

Like so many before me I set out to raise “good” children. I didn’t know what an enormous task that would be until I got in the thick of it.  It wasn’t long before I realized that it was one thing to teach my child how to tie shoelaces and quite another to teach how to be a person of integrity and compassion. I found out that my visions of being a parent who has long, meaningful conversations about deep and existentially important topics, was not grounded in reality.  Reality in our home consisted mostly of just getting through the day…getting to school and work on time, homework done, dinner fixed. I tried to fit “wisdom lessons” in where I could…at the dinner table, driving to drum lessons, tucking them in their bed each night. But I could never really shake the feeling that there were pieces of knowledge, understanding, insight and instruction that I missed sharing with them. So I decided to write it down.

Some books should be sipped like fine wine and savored like good chocolate; A Mother’s Meditation’s is one of those books.  Filled with deeply inspirational and poignant reflections, this book offers profound and powerful insights on a range of topics such as; love, fear, vulnerability, compassion, friendship, grief, learning, gratitude, relationships and many more. Each page beautifully captures life’s gifts and it’s struggles. Shelly’s hope is that her book will be a source of inspiration for parents, who like herself, strive to give their children an education of the heart.

Shelly has been living, working and loving here in the Valley for over 25 years.   She has a Masters Degree in Psychology, and works as a practicing psychotherapist and an adjunct professor at Mat Su College. Shelly is a long time practitioner of Vipassana Meditation.  She is happily and meaningfully married to her husband Michael and is the mother of two beautiful boys and two slightly neurotic dogs.

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